Isle of Arran

Within its shores, the Isle of Arran provides a vivid illustration of the variety of scenery and landscape that exists across Scotland. The north end of the island is mountainous, like the Scottish highlands, and the southern half of Arran comprises rolling hills and moorland, like the lowlands of mainland Scotland. The whole being surrounded by a stunning coastline.

The wildlife of Arran is exceptional. Deer share the remoteness of the northern mountains with golden eagles, buzzards, peregrines, kestrels and sparrowhawks. Seals live in colonies around much of the coastline and basking sharks are sometimes visible from the shore. Over 900 species of flowering plants can be found on Arran in a variety of habitats including deciduous woods, roadside verges, hedgebanks, marshes, bogs, moorland, mountains - and along the coastline cliffs and slopes.

Arran is an exciting place for visitors interested in the Earth Sciences. It lies on the great Highland Boundary Fault and has examples of rock formations from many geological periods. It was frequently visited by the 18th-century geologist James Hutton, and it was in Arran that he discovered 'Hutton's Unconformity', which revolutionised our understanding of the geological past. In addition, the island landscape of Arran has been deeply sculpted by the Ice Ages and exhibits many examples of typical glacial landforms, tills, moraines and raised shorelines.

The human record of Arran's past dates back to prehistoric times, and ancient stone monuments and cairns litter the island. More recent inhabitants built the medieval castles at Brodick, Lochranza and Kildonan. Celtic myths and legends abound here.

All of this is within easy reach of Glasgow, making the Isle of Arran an ideal holiday or study destination. It's a place to relax, to explore, to soak up the atmosphere of a unique island community. At Castlekirk, in Lochranza, we offer unique Bed and Breakfast (B&B) accommodation that will enhance your stay on Arran.

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Isle of Arran